You can customize the application using

Name Default Description
EL_PAGINATION_PER_PAGE 10 How many objects are normally displayed in a page (overwriteable by templatetag).
EL_PAGINATION_PAGE_LABEL ‘page’ The querystring key of the page number (e.g.
EL_PAGINATION_ORPHANS 0 See Django Paginator definition of orphans.
EL_PAGINATION_LOADING ‘loading’ If you use the default show_more template, here you can customize the content of the loader hidden element. HTML is safe here, e.g. you can show your pretty animated GIF EL_PAGINATION_LOADING = """<img src="/static/img/loader .gif" alt="loading" />""".
EL_PAGINATION_PREVIOUS_LABEL ‘<’ Default label for the previous page link.
EL_PAGINATION_NEXT_LABEL ‘>’ Default label for the next page link.
EL_PAGINATION_FIRST_LABEL ‘<<’ Default label for the first page link.
EL_PAGINATION_LAST_LABEL ‘>>’ Default label for the last page link.
EL_PAGINATION_ADD_NOFOLLOW False Set to True if your SEO alchemist wants search engines not to follow pagination links.
EL_PAGINATION_PAGE_LIST_CALLABLE None Callable (or dotted path to a callable) that returns pages to be displayed. If None, a default callable is used; that produces Digg-style pagination. The applicationt provides also a callable producing elastic pagination: EL_pagination.utils.get_elastic_page_numbers. It adapts its output to the number of pages, making it arguably more usable when there are many of them. See Templatetags reference for information about writing custom callables.
EL_PAGINATION_DEFAULT_CALLABLE_EXTREMES 3 Default number of extremes displayed when Digg-style pagination is used with the default callable.
EL_PAGINATION_DEFAULT_CALLABLE_AROUNDS 2 Default number of arounds displayed when Digg-style pagination is used with the default callable.
EL_PAGINATION_DEFAULT_CALLABLE_ARROWS False Whether or not the first and last pages arrows are displayed when Digg-style pagination is used with the default callable.
EL_PAGINATION_TEMPLATE_VARNAME ‘template’ Template variable name used by the page_template decorator. You can change this value if you are going to decorate generic views using a different variable name for the template (e.g. template_name).
EL_PAGINATION_PAGE_OUT_OF_RANGE_404 False If True on page out of range, throw a 404 exception, otherwise display the first page. There is a view that maintains the original functionality but sets the 404 status code found in el_pagination\
EL_PAGINATION_USE_NEXT_PREVIOUS_LINKS False Add is_previous & is_next flags for previous and next pages

Templates and CSS

You can override the default template for show_more templatetag following some rules:

  • more link is shown only if the variable querystring is not False;
  • the container (most external html element) class is endless_container;
  • the more link and the loader hidden element live inside the container;
  • the more link class is endless_more;
  • the more link data-el-querystring-key attribute is {{ querystring_key }};
  • the loader hidden element class is endless_loading.